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You cannot legally drive a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription medication (even if it has been prescribed to you legally). Penalties for driving under the influence are severe. A police officer can say that he saw a driver commit any minor traffic infraction (failing to use a turn signal while turning into a driveway or having something hanging from a rear-view mirror) in order to stop a car. Brendan wants to avoid a conviction for DUI in every case. DUI is a common offense, but it is important to act quickly to preserve your driving privileges.

The first two DUIs in a person’s life are class A Misdemeanors carrying possible penalties of up to 364 days’ jail time and $2,500 fines. The third DUI becomes a class 2 Felony carrying a range of 3-7 years’ imprisonment (or more depending on prior convictions).

Police may try to convince a driver to perform a breath or field sobriety test to “make sure” the driver is “OK to drive.” By the time these tests are considered, there is a good chance the officer already made the decision to arrest the driver for DUI.

Now comes the opportunity to beat the license suspension and the evidence. In order to challenge the stop, blow or fields, it is crucial to file the necessary motions and issue appropriate subpoenas to do so. It is important to hire a lawyer who regularly tries DUI cases and hearings to rescind statutory summary suspensions.

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