Criminal Defense Lawyer Rockford

Every criminal defense case is unique and requires the application of different tactics and strategy. Unfortunately, there is no one-size- fits-all approach to effectively litigating against the government.

If you are being investigated for the commission of the offense. It is important to begin your defense early. There are steps that can be follow. Even prior to the filing of charges that can result in significant benefits to you. You may call if you want to get out in front of an accusation that has been made against you.

Criminal Defense

If you have charged in Illinois or federal court with a felony or a misdemeanor. Call Brendan today. With over a decade of litigation experience in courts throughout Rockford and northern Illinois. Brendan has tried all manner of criminal cases. And brings his trial experience as both a seasoned defense attorney and a prosecutor to bear in your case.

Special consideration must be follow to investigate all possible outcomes in your case. Brendan wants to achieve a dismissal and to avoid a conviction in every case. Determining whether this is possible in your case. Depends on a careful review of the facts and extensive knowledge of trial procedure. Having learned both in the books and in the courtroom. Benefit from the peace of mind that years of trial experience on both sides of the aisle brings to your case.

Procedures vary greatly between courts. It is important to retain a lawyer who tries the type of cases you need assistance with on a regular basis. Brendan has devoted his practice to this type of litigation. The days of a true general practitioner have passed. If you have charged with a crime. It is crucial to get a lawyer who specializes in handling criminal defense matters.

Whether yours is a misdemeanor, DUI, felony, traffic or juvenile delinquency matter. You deserve to be represented by a lawyer who is both skilled and accessible, your livelihood, reputation and freedom. should be trusted to someone who you feel proud to have. Representing you and your interests in court.

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